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Wanted - Sara Shepard


Title: Wanted
Author: Sara Shepard
Series: Pretty Little Liars
Part: 8
Release year:  2011
Publisher:  Atom - thanks for the review copy!
Pages: 256
Reread: Nope
Thank you Atom for the review copy!
Spoilers if you haven't read the book or the seven previous!
I think this book is the best in the series because the girls finally find out the truth about Alison which I've known for like a year because of spoilers I've read!
They finally find out that Ali had a twin and gahh,the plot in this book is kind of amazing,even though I already knew what was going on I started to doubt everything that I'd read!
Something that annoyed me was how fast Emily decided to trust Ali. I mean seriously girl, don't be so obvious! Like, the first time they saw her, she almost died. No,she didn't,but she's too much of a open book.
If it was me,I'd be a little more suspicous. I also didn't like how she just decided over everyone again and they didn't complain. Aria was like the only person with sense in this book. Or yeah, at least until she fell for Ali like before again. But when you think that your friend is dead for so long and then she tells you she haven't,you want to believe her. So I still understand them. Also,I would propably have believed her too if I hadn't read the spoiler!
Anyways, best book in the series because the story was so interesting! The characters was a little weak, but yeah, whatever!
Really wanna read next book soon, because the ending,gosh. My friends,that ending - woaaaaah!

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