söndag 30 december 2012

Who am I?

My name is Andrea and I'm a Swedish bookworm.
Today,I just felt to make a new blog - and an english one.
This blog is obviously a book blog,and I hope you'll like it!

Mostly,I read YA books,that's my favorite genre.
Some of my favorite books is The Hunger Games and Harry Potter(forever and ever),The Fault in our Stars,Vampire Academy,The perks of being a wallflower,Nightshade trilogy,Divergent series,To kill a mockingbird.
My favorite authors is Suzanne Collins,J.K Rowling,Meg Cabot,Richelle Mead and John Green. No one can beat them!

Besides my huge book obsession,I'm addicted to tv-series and Taylor Swift.
It is not only that she sings so good - she's so pretty!

Taylor Swift is a really good singer and my favorite songs by her is The last time,Starlight,Love story,Begin again ,The lucky one,Mine,Mean and Sparks fly,but I love all of her songs!

My favorite tv-series is Glee and The Big Bang Theory. I also  love Downton Abbey(last episode of season one),Pretty Little Liars(waiting for the new episode) and Gossip Girl(season three,episode three).
Unopened at home I also have Sherlock Holmes season one and two,and I've earlier watched the first episode.
I've watched one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,one of Supernatural and two of Doctor Who,and I see great potential in these!
But my favorite one is totally Glee! I love their music,but season four isn't what I've expected :(
Season one and two is my favorite seasons (:

Hope you'll enjoy my blog,
Andrea ♥

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